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A place where we create home together.

At Küchen, we offer our customers a wide range of luxury and high-end imported kitchen systems, wardrobe solutions, and kitchen appliances. Küchen takes pride in its commitment to high quality and excellence, selecting only the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to create unique, functional, and stylish kitchen systems, wardrobe solution, kitchen appliances and living systems that exceed customers’ expectations. We rely on supply of our products that last, a responsible use of materials and natural resources is a matter of course for us.


Responsible use of materials and natural resources is a serious matter for us. Küchen works with German and French kitchen systems and Italian wardrobe manufacturers that are certified per the strict requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is the most renowned and comprehensive certification system for responsible forestry worldwide. FSC is the only forest certification system that is supported by environmental and social associations as well as the forestry and timber industry.


The triple-ply quality chipboard and MDF-board used for our products are certified according to the strict requirements for the emission according to TSCA Title VI / CARB2 (California Air Resources Board) and is with its formaldehyde emission of ≤ 0,05 ppm significantly below the permitted limit value of the emission class E1 (0,1 ppm).


Küchen employs a dedicated team of designers and craftsmen who aim to find customer-specific solutions that fulfill individual high-standard demands.


At Küchen, our team is equipped with the best knowledge to plan, design and create your home with you and your loved one.  To ensure the results meet both functionality and comfort for spacious living without compromising the aesthetics.


Küchen listens to your thoughts of your dream home and makes it comes true.  So, there is a lot to show and tell at Küchen.


Our Value and Expertise

Küchen, the luxury and high-end imported kitchen and living system design studio, is dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional service and superior quality. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable designers and dedicated craftsmen, Küchen brings a wealth of expertise to the table.


Küchen values creativity, innovation, and attention to detail, ensuring that each kitchen, wardrobe and living design is functional and a work of art. Küchen's commitment to using only the finest materials and the latest technology, combined with its passion for design, sets it apart from the competition.


Customers can expect a personalized experience, as Küchen works closely with them to understand their unique needs and preferences. By choosing Küchen, customers can be assured of receiving a kitchen, wardrobe, and living system that reflects their individual style and meets their every requirement, while exceeding their expectations.

Create your dream home.
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